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 If you are one of an ever-growing number of entrepreneurs operating a small business in today's challenging economy and are having difficulty accessing the working capital required to grow your business, we can help.  We are experts in providing creative business finance solutions for manufacturers, distributors, as well as those operating in the service sector.

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At DMS Commercial Finance, we are experts in alternative commercial finance solutions and can provide your small business with...

Factoring and Accounts Receivable Finance

For small business entrepreneurs, the ability to manage cash flow is essential.  Unfortunately, as a business grows, cash flow management becomes increasingly more difficult.  This is especially true when valuable, but slow paying customers take 45 days or longer to send checks for invoice payments.  Such slow paying customers can make it difficult to make weekly payroll and pay vendors.  If this sounds like your business, we have the solution.

Fast Turnaround Times

Unlike most traditional lenders which can take 4-6 weeks to approve a small business loan, our underwriters can often approve and begin financing your small business within 72 hours of your application.   We also offer a 100% free no-obligation financing proposal (terms sheet).  You can get complete financing details and rates by applying today!

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